Awesome Plugins

Flight is incredibly extensible. There are a number of plugins that can be used to add functionality to your Flight application. Some are officially supported by the Flight Team and others are micro/lite libraries to help you get started.


Authentication and Authorization are crucial for any application that requires controls to be in place for who can access what.

  • flightphp/permissions - Official Flight Permissions library. This library is a simple way to add user and application level permissions to your application.


Caching is a great way to speed up your application. There are a number of caching libraries that can be used with Flight.


CLI applications are a great way to interact with your application. You can use them to generate controllers, display all routes, and more.

  • flightphp/runway - Runway is a CLI application that helps you manage your Flight applications.


Cookies are a great way to store small bits of data on the client side. They can be used to store user preferences, application settings, and more.

  • overclokk/cookie - PHP Cookie is a PHP library that provides a simple and effective way to manage cookies.


Debugging is crucial when you are developing in your local environment. There are a few plugins that can elevate your debugging experience.

  • tracy/tracy - This is a full featured error handler that can be used with Flight. It has a number of panels that can help you debug your application. It's also very easy to extend and add your own panels.
  • flightphp/tracy-extensions - Used with the Tracy error handler, this plugin adds a few extra panels to help with debugging specifically for Flight projects.


Databases are the core to most applications. This is how you store and retrieve data. Some database libraries are simply wrappers to write queries and some are full fledged ORMs.

  • flightphp/core PdoWrapper - Official Flight PDO Wrapper that's part of the core. This is a simple wrapper to help simplify the process of writing queries and executing them. It is not an ORM.
  • flightphp/active-record - Official Flight ActiveRecord ORM/Mapper. Great little library for easily retrieving and storing data in your database.


Encryption is crucial for any application that stores sensitive data. Encrypting and decrypting the data isn't terribly hard, but properly storing the encryption key can be difficult. The most important thing is to never store your encryption key in a public directory or to commit it to your code repository.

  • defuse/php-encryption - This is a library that can be used to encrypt and decrypt data. Getting up and running is fairly simple to start encrypting and decrypting data.


Sessions aren't really useful for API's but for building out a web application, sessions can be crucial for maintaining state and login information.

  • Ghostff/Session - PHP Session Manager (non-blocking, flash, segment, session encryption). Uses PHP open_ssl for optional encrypt/decryption of session data.


Templating is core to any web application with a UI. There are a number of templating engines that can be used with Flight.

  • flightphp/core View - This is a very basic templating engine that is part of the core. It's not recommended to be used if you have more than a couple pages in your project.
  • latte/latte - Latte is a full featured templating engine that is very easy to use and feels closer to a PHP syntax than Twig or Smarty. It's also very easy to extend and add your own filters and functions.


Got a plugin you'd like to share? Submit a pull request to add it to the list!