overclokk/cookie is a simple library for managing cookies within your app.


Installation is simple with composer.

composer require overclokk/cookie


Usage is as simple as registering a new method on the Flight class.

use Overclokk\Cookie\Cookie;

 * Set in your bootstrap or public/index.php file

Flight::register('cookie', Cookie::class);

 * ExampleController.php

class ExampleController {
    public function login() {
        // Set a cookie

        // you'll want this to be false so you get a new instance
        // use the below comment if you want autocomplete
        /** @var \Overclokk\Cookie\Cookie $cookie */
        $cookie = Flight::cookie(false);
            'stay_logged_in', // name of the cookie
            '1', // the value you want to set it to
            86400, // number of seconds the cookie should last
            '/', // path that the cookie will be available to
            '', // domain that the cookie will be available to
            true, // cookie will only be transmitted over a secure HTTPS connection
            true // cookie will only be available through the HTTP protocol

        // optionally, if you want to keep the default values
        // and have a quick way to set a cookie for a long time
        $cookie->forever('stay_logged_in', '1');

    public function home() {
        // Check if you have the cookie
        if (Flight::cookie()->has('stay_logged_in')) {
            // put them in the dashboard area for example.