PHP Session Manager (non-blocking, flash, segment, session encryption). Uses PHP open_ssl for optional encrypt/decryption of session data. Supports File, MySQL, Redis, and Memcached.


Install with composer.

composer require ghostff/session

Basic Configuration

You aren't required to pass anything in to use the default settings with your session. You can read about more settings in the Github Readme.

use Ghostff\Session\Session;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$app = Flight::app();

$app->register('session', Session::class);

// one thing to remember is that you must commit your session on each page load
// or you'll need to run auto_commit in your configuration.

Simple Example

Here's a simple example of how you might use this.

Flight::route('POST /login', function() {
    $session = Flight::session();

    // do your login logic here
    // validate password, etc.

    // if the login is successful
    $session->set('is_logged_in', true);
    $session->set('user', $user);

    // any time you write to the session, you must commit it deliberately.

// This check could be in the restricted page logic, or wrapped with middleware.
Flight::route('/some-restricted-page', function() {
    $session = Flight::session();

    if(!$session->get('is_logged_in')) {

    // do your restricted page logic here

// the middleware version
Flight::route('/some-restricted-page', function() {
    // regular page logic
})->addMiddleware(function() {
    $session = Flight::session();

    if(!$session->get('is_logged_in')) {

More Complex Example

Here's a more complex example of how you might use this.

use Ghostff\Session\Session;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$app = Flight::app();

// set a custom path to your session configuration file and give it a random string for the session id
$app->register('session', Session::class, [ 'path/to/session_config.php', bin2hex(random_bytes(32)) ], function(Session $session) {
        // or you can manually override configuration options
            // if you want to store your session data in a database (good if you want something like, "log me out of all devices" functionality)
            Session::CONFIG_DRIVER        => Ghostff\Session\Drivers\MySql::class,
            Session::CONFIG_ENCRYPT_DATA  => true,
            Session::CONFIG_SALT_KEY      => hash('sha256', 'my-super-S3CR3T-salt'), // please change this to be something else
            Session::CONFIG_AUTO_COMMIT   => true, // only do this if it requires it and/or it's hard to commit() your session.
                                                // additionally you could do Flight::after('start', function() { Flight::session()->commit(); });
            Session::CONFIG_MYSQL_DS         => [
                'driver'    => 'mysql',             # Database driver for PDO dns eg(mysql:host=...;dbname=...)
                'host'      => '',         # Database host
                'db_name'   => 'my_app_database',   # Database name
                'db_table'  => 'sessions',          # Database table
                'db_user'   => 'root',              # Database username
                'db_pass'   => '',                  # Database password
                'persistent_conn'=> false,          # Avoid the overhead of establishing a new connection every time a script needs to talk to a database, resulting in a faster web application. FIND THE BACKSIDE YOURSELF


Visit the Github Readme for full documentation. The configuration options are well documented in the default_config.php file itself. The code is simple to understand if you wanted to peruse this package yourself.