Tracy Flight Panel Extensions

This is a set of extensions to make working with Flight a little richer.

  • Flight - Analyze all Flight variables.
  • Database - Analyze all queries that have run on the page (if you correctly initiate the database connection)
  • Request - Analyze all $_SERVER variables and examine all global payloads ($_GET, $_POST, $_FILES)
  • Session - Analyze all $_SESSION variables if sessions are active.

This is the Panel

Flight Bar

And each panel displays very helpful information about your application!

Flight Data Flight Database Flight Request


Run composer require flightphp/tracy-extensions --dev and you're on your way!


There is very little configuration you need to do to get this started. You will need to initiate the Tracy debugger prior to using this


use Tracy\Debugger;
use flight\debug\tracy\TracyExtensionLoader;

// bootstrap code
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// You may need to specify your environment with Debugger::enable(Debugger::DEVELOPMENT)

// if you use database connections in your app, there is a 
// required PDO wrapper to use ONLY IN DEVELOPMENT (not production please!)
// It has the same parameters as a regular PDO connection
$pdo = new PdoQueryCapture('sqlite:test.db', 'user', 'pass');
// or if you attach this to the Flight framework
Flight::register('db', PdoQueryCapture::class, ['sqlite:test.db', 'user', 'pass']);
// now whenever you make a query it will capture the time, query, and parameters

// This connects the dots
if(Debugger::$showBar === true) {
    new TracyExtensionLoader(Flight::app());

// more code