This page will help you troubleshoot common issues that you may run into when using Flight.

Common Issues

404 Not Found or Unexpected Route Behavior

If you are seeing a 404 Not Found error (but you swear on your life that it's really there and it's not a typo) this actually could be a problem with you returning a value in your route endpoint instead of just echoing it. The reason for this is intentional but could sneak up on some developers.

Flight::route('/hello', function(){
    // This might cause a 404 Not Found error
    return 'Hello World';

// What you probably want
Flight::route('/hello', function(){
    echo 'Hello World';

The reason for this is because of a special mechanism built into the router that handles the return output as a single to "go to the next route". You can see the behavior documented in the Routing section.